omg. courtney’s birthday party was today. so many temptations and guess what..gave in

1: banana
2: hamburger on white bun w/ ketchup, doritos, dr. pepper, choc cake & neapolitan ice cream 
3: chicken & waffles w/ syrup
4: strawberry toaster strudels w/ icing

FUCK THIS. i’m going grocery shopping tomorrow and getting a fucking gym membership monday.  i’m so done with being unhappy with my body and i’m going to put the damn work in for more than 1 day. done. shit just got real.


1: 2 bowls of fruity pebbles w/ skim milk, some tortilla chips w/ salsa con queso
2: small bowl of chicken parmesan
3: big plate of romaine & spinach salad w/ low fat mozz cheese sprinkled on top and raspberry vinaigrette  
snack: banana, PB cookie and skim milk

not a good day. getting a gym membership tomorrow hopefully and will most definitely clean up my eating.


meal 1: oatmeal w/ pb & honey
2: sliced turkey, boiled carrots & slice wheat toast
3: sliced turkey, boiled carrots & slice oatnut toast
4: bowl of fruity pebbles w/ skim milk (oops)
5: corn on the cob, hot tea w/ cinnamon, romaine & spinach salad w/ fat free rasp vinaigrette, wee brie cheese
snack: butterscotch haystack, green grapes


oatmeal w/ dark brown sugar
chocolate chip clif bar
french fries with beef gravy and cheese
peanut butter cookie
cup of ?% milk
popcorn chicken dipped in ketchup
2 deep fried potato skin wedges 
hot tea 


2 brown hot dogs dipped in ketchup
chocolate milk
2 bowls of chicken stuffed pasta shells covered in alfredo & tomato sauce 
piece of garlic bread w/ mozz cheese on top
half a piece of grilled cheese on white with butter, american cheese
blueberry chobani


oatmeal & brown sugar
slice watermelon
some brownies
homemade molasses cookie
veg lo mein
pork fried rice & duck sauce
cookies & cream ice cream
a fortune cookie
a couple slices of turkey
mashed potatoes & chicken gravy
some root beer
hot tea 

too many sweets, my bad. 


slice of french toast on white bread with syrup
4 scoops of mashed potatoes with beef gravy
2 mcchickens with just ketchup
2 glasses of iced tea

i get free food at work when i work 5 hours or more and i usually work a 8 or 9 hour shift most days which is pretty awesome. the food is all homemade…carb overload. got mcdonalds on the way home and took a 5 hr nap after, haha oops :) 


9 pepperoni bagel bites
a few pepperoni pizza rolls
2 baby back ribs
mashed potatoes with margarine
corn on the cob
a box of strawberries
medium banana with melted peanut butter
lots of water:)

thank the lord, i think i made it to eating enough calories without exercise. now to find a way to up them without eating junk…


leftovers, alfredo with a little chicken
pineapple & coconut juice smoothie (so gooood)
a little bit of mac n cheese
mug of black tea
1 packaged “grandma’s” chocolate chip cookie
square piece of pepperoni pizza (pizza hut)
2 cheese sticks with marinara sauce

movie night at my house. hmm


quaker instant oatmeal maple & brown sugar flavor w/ light brown sugar
glass of skim milk
5 french toast sticks from BK w/ syrup
apple juice box
tall glass of pineapple juice
huge plate of alfredo w/ piece of seasoned chicken breast
another 1/2 glass of pineapple juice

so full and sleepy…need to drink more waterrr 


2 little cups of blue gatorade
3 mcchickens with just ketchup
medium fry
large dr. pepper

lololol. i woke up at 4pm, hung out with my friends, went to soccer and got mcdonald’s after. going grocery shopping tomorrow, so i’ll be better about clean eating the next few weeks. 


tuna sandwich w/ real mayonnaise on wheat 
maple & brown syrup flavored quaker’s instant oatmeal w/ 1.5 tbsp peanut butter and half a scoop of soy protein powder
stuffed crust cheese pizza 
half a pint low fat choc milk
(KFC) some parts of a crispy chicken leg
mashed potatoes and gravy
a little mac n cheese
a couple bites of a biscuit
a handful of french onion sun chips
some leftovers of ice cream cake
3 refills of my water bottle (24 oz) 

I was doing good until my friend wanted me to eat lunch with him after school…and until my mom’s boyfriend brought home KFC. Oops 


none <—- eating breakfast from now on!
half a glass of skim milk (i took a nap again…not cool) 
2 pieces of greasy restaurant pizza
a big piece of devil’s food/oreo/sweet cream coldstone ice cream cake
a couple bites of chocolate cake with chocolate frosting
3 refills of my water bottle (24 oz)


1 1/2 pieces of french toast on white bread
hot tea 
none (took a nap)
3 smallish pcs seasoned chicken breasts(?) not sure
a big portion of mashed potatoes w/ 1 tbsp margarine
mini original babybel cheese
a pear
2 glasses

expect lots of cake tomorrow…it’s my day of birth :) haha going to the gym extra early and starting insanity!!! wooo :) also, I’m going to work on eating every single meal. no more “none” under anything!


3 scoops of mashed potatoes w/ chicken gravy
Homemade chili
Hot tea
None yet
Medium banana
Corn on the cob w/ margarine
None yet