My Workout For Thursday January 10

I earned 381 points for my workout on Fitocracy!


Leg Press +38 pts

50 lb x 4 reps (+16 pts)
   - 70 lb x 8 reps (+22 pts)

Dumbbell Bench Press +138 pts

10 lb x 10 reps (+46 pts)
   - 10 lb x 10 reps (+46 pts)
   - 10 lb x 10 reps (+46 pts)

Wide Arm Push-Up +38 pts

10 reps (+19 pts)
   - 10 reps (+19 pts)

Lat Pulldown +67 pts

70 lb x 10 reps (+24 pts)
   - 60 lb x 10 reps (+22 pts)
   - 50 lb x 10 reps (+21 pts)

Narrow Arm Push-Up +40 pts

10 reps (+20 pts)
   - 10 reps (+20 pts)

Standing Dumbbell Triceps Extension +60 pts

2.5 lb x 10 reps (+20 pts)
   - 2.5 lb x 10 reps (+20 pts)
   - 2.5 lb x 10 reps (+20 pts)

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livefit D4W1

1.15 miles walk @3mph 1 min/run @7.2mph level 7 incline  30-40 sec intervals

seated DB press 10x12, 10x12
DB standing front delt raise 2.5x12, 2.5x12
side lat raise 2.5x12, 2.5x12
exercise ball crunch 12, 12
air bike 12, 24
incline sit ups 12, 12 

livefit D3W1

8 min warmup on treadmill .9 miles

leg press 12x50, 12x60, 12x70, 5x100 (PR)
leg extensions 12x25, 12x40, 12x55
leg curl 12x25, 12x40, 12x55
barbell squat bar, bar, bar :)

idk why, i got this adrenaline rush and i felt like i could do anything. so i kept increasing weights and finally i put on 2 50lb weights on the leg press and just went for it. had the whole weight room to myself, it was awesome!

livefit D1W1

chest & triceps

.55 mile run
wide pushups BW
dumbbell bench press 10x12, 10x12, 10x12
vertical chest press 25x12
narrow pushups BW
standing dumbbell tricep extension 2.5x12, 2.5x12, 2.5x12
tricep pushdown 40x12, 40x12, 40x12 
5 min skipping 

not a bad first day for not lifting in 2 months.

15 min restorative yoga

wow, i really love yoga. this felt amazing after insanity! got fully down in my splits for the first time since january:)

Legs & abs

6 min warmup stationary bike, hilly
Smith machine squat: 10x10, 12x10, 14x10
DB lunges: 20x10, 10x15, 10x20
Romanian deadlifts: 10xbar, 11xbar, 13xbar
Calf press: 10x50, 12x50, 15x50
Crunches: 12, 10
Lying leg raises: 10, 11
Bicycle crunches: 20, 20


The program I’m on says to do 26 minutes on the elliptical…but that’s boring and I didn’t want to ride to the gym for a 30 minute workout. So I did my own thing. 

35-40 min bike ride to & from gym

6 min stationary bike, hilly
6 min elliptical level 5
10 min treadmill, .98 miles
~3 min ab solo, 5lb balls
10x50lb leg press
5 min skipping
10 incline sit ups
5 min stretching/cool down

Weigh in: 57kg/125lbs
5 pounds down from 3 weeks ago. Wow, it’s amazing what switching to a healthy diet can do! I was eating so shitty when I weighed 140 (my HW) in April. Feels good man.

Chest, shoulders & triceps

Warm up: 10 mins on stationary bike, hilly

Assisted bench press: 10x5, 10x5, 9x5
Incline DB flyes: 11x2.5, 10x2.5, 8x2.5
Seated DB press: 10x10, 10x10, 11x10
DB side lateral raise: 10x2.5, 11x2.5, 6x2.5
Tricep extensions: 10x2.5, 11x2.5, 8x2.6
Bench dips: 10xBW, 12xBW, 10xBW 

45 min hilly bike ride to & from the gym

Arms are sore to the max. But I beat my football player friend at arm wrestling today…he was actually trying:). The burn in my arms during this workout was so intense. Totally worth it.

Back & biceps

Bent over DB rows: 11x10, 10x10, 11x10
Lat pulldown: 10x60, 12x40, 12x50
Standing BB curl: I couldn’t curl the bar. That thing is damn heavy when you can only do 10 pounds.
Alternate DB curl: 3x15 switched 7x10, 12x10, 12x10

13 minutes of interval training on the elliptical. 

I can’t wait to see my numbers go up. I feel like such a weakling haha…Not bad for the first day back though, my arms are sore. I had trouble carrying my laptop around at school afterwards :)